28 gennaio 2014

Kawasaki KR750 by Spirit of the Seventies

Spirit of the Seventies per la rivista Cafe Racer : 7 gennaio 2014

Spirit of the Seventies si è guadagnata la copertina dell'ultimo numero della rivista con l'impressionante Kawasaki KR750 replica. Si tratta di una ER-6N debitamente reinterpretata, serbatoio in alluminio con tappo endurance, carene bimota riadattate e tanta tanta creatività.

Nelle foto: Giacca Furygan e Tamara che si è prestata a qualche foto ed a un bel giretto.

by: spiritoftheseventies.com

via: samchristmas.co.uk

"Our philosophy at Spirit of the 70s is that it doesn't matter what you ride, its how it makes you feel that's important. Aaron loves his ER-6 - its his everyday ride, his daily commuter, his occasional track day and hill climb tool and all round good egg. But he wanted to see if we could "enhance the look of the bike and give it some exotic retro charm, something along the lines of the seventies KR750 GP 2-stroke nutter-bastard, oh, and without altering the frame.". "Yes of course", we said, followed by "erm, right...".
Design sorted, we set about the fairing - as the budget prohibited a bespoke item we settled on a Bimoto replica unit and adapted it (a lot) to fit the Kwak, same with the seat unit which had to be widened and lengthened. The tank was then made by hand to our design in aluminium, complete with replica endurance-style side filler caps. Other changes included clipons and rearsets, a fruity exhaust can and a very nice matt varnished metallic green paint job from our mate D-Luck. Et voila.
We're happy to report that Aaron is as happy as a pig in plop."

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